How to appeal to his imagination

So yesterday I saw a post on here about how to appeal to a man’s imagination, & my response to that was I’d have to think about it and respond fully in a post of my own. So now, as promised:

First of all, what I’m about to put forth are by no means hard or fast rules, they’re just ideas that float through my mind.

I think if you want to appeal to a man’s imagination, you have to leave him SOMETHING to imagine. In other words, show a hint of cleavage rather than go around with your whole left breast hanging out. Wear jeans that hug the curve of your ass rather than no pants (Kim Kardashian-West, I’m looking at you, we’ve all seen your bare bottom, we don’t want to see it anymore). Some call this the whore/Madonna thing, but it’s really not complicated. It’s the idea that if he gets a glimpse of skin or curves, he’ll wonder AND WANT TO SEE what the rest looks like.

Another way to appeal to a man’s imagination is to be your own unique self. Don’t be dressed like you stepped out of Vogue’s Fall issue, page 32, don’t copy Rihanna’s red carpet look, don’t run right out and have a J. Lo butt lift. Wear so,etching that only you would wear, keep your own, un-sculpted-by-the-plastic-surgeon body. When you’re original & unique that shows people you have a mind of your own, that you’re confident in who you are.

Have something to contribute besides your body. Be able to carry on a conversation about something other than yourself, your clothes, your hair & makeup. For one thing, most men don’t want to “know how the sausage is made”…in other words, while they might appreciate a good looking woman, they don’t want to hear a 3-hour diatribe about finding the perfect shoe & handbag, or about the hair and makeup ritual. Talk about what you read, whether it’s an organic chemistry text, a novel, or the morning paper. Talk about what you did (even if you just sat and stared at the four walls of your apartment).

Be able to listen. I’m not saying let him do ALL the talking, but when he does talk, don’t fucking interrupt him or ignore him. It doesn’t matter if he’s talking about his golf game and you don’t care, HE CARES and apparently he wants to tell you about it. Whether you care about golf or not, if you care about him, shut up, put your iPhone down, and listen.

Let him be the man in the relationship. Yes, I know, he IS the man, he’s been a man his whole life. But “let him be the man in the relationship” means let him order for you at dinner; let him plan your date night; let him pick the movie. Let him lead when you’re dancing. It may sound a little 1950s, and some men are reluctant to admit they’re into it, but they like feeling needed.

And that’s how I think a woman should appeal to a man’s imagination.

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