1 Liner Wednesday: Really Short Story 

“So how’s Christine been since Vinnie passed?”

“Well you know…she was sneaking around with him behind her husband’s back for years, how do you think she is?”

I think she’s looking for someone else to sneak around with behind her husband’s back now that Vinnie’s gone, that’s how I think she is, but I don’t dare say such a thing to you…or anyone else who might take it back to her.

About Kesha 

I never bought or downloaded a Ke$ha song or album.  I don’t enjoy her music.  I don’t know if her whole “drunk and disorderly” thing is who she is in real life or a stage persona.  As a recovering alcoholic, I will say that whole drinking and peeing in sinks bit is NOT something young girls should emulate.  

I also don’t know if Dr. Luke raped her or not.  Truth be told, I never even heard of Dr. Luke until Ke$ha accused him of rape and emotional abuse.  Some famous producer he is, I never heard of him until he was accused of rape.  

But I don’t know what he did or didn’t do, only that he’s been accused and that Ke$ha no longer wants to make music with him.  She’s suing record company SONY because she wants to be let out of her contract, so she can go to another label and work with another producer.  

And suing SONY Records is expensive, especially for Ke$ha who hasn’t made music in three years (and if she hasn’t made music, she hasn’t made money).  

There’s been the usual bs about this whole thing in life and on social media.  I’ve seen #Freekesha everywhere.  Taylor Swift donated a quarter million dollars to Kesha to go towards her legal bills, without making a public statement in support of Kesha (or a public statement against Dr. Luke), and some people are mad at Taylor Swift for not having made any such public statement.

I don’t think the whole Kesha thing is about who donates money.  It’s not about what you post on your Facebook wall.  You’re not taking some big stand for rape victims by putting #freekesha on your Facebook wall, you’re just going along with the go along.  You want to take a stand, do something.  Volunteer at a rape crisis center; give money to a charity that helps homeless rape survivors; take a self defense class so your chances of becoming someone’s victim are lessened.

And today’s project 


Hair…shorten and soften.  Thank you to Samantha of Foilz hair salon for cutting and shaping my hair.  I’m working on softening my whole look, although don’t ask me what other changes I’ll make or in which order.  There may or may not be a method to the madness.

The Hollywood Vanpires 

So Alice Cooper doesn’t hit the high notes like when he was in his twenties…doesn’t stop him from kicking some ass onstage (and looking damn good for a man in his sixties).  And yes, that’s the Johnny Depp up there with him (among others) as he belts out an old school favorite.  They sounded pretty good at the Grammys too.  I don’t know if these Hollywood Vanpires really are undead or if they figured out that music is some kind of a fountain of youth (in that if you rock hard enough, you’ll stay forever relevant and all the women will want you).

1 Liner Wednesday: Really Short Story 

I don’t understand it.  She said she was raped, he confessed to having raped her.  Why is it that the DA refuses to prosecute, or at least investigate?  Because the rape took place at a kink party and she (the victim) happens to be into age play.  

I told her if the DA refuses to prosecute, then maybe she should let the media know about how the DA refuses to prosecute a rape case where the defendant confessed, how the DA feels entitled to pick and choose which crimes are worthy of prosecution, rather than actually representing the people.  The DA, for those of you who don’t know or don’t live in the States, is an elected official who will eventually come up for reelection, and bad publicity doesn’t bode well for reelection.  

This isn’t really a short story, or a story at all.  It’s something that really happened to someone (it probably happens to many people in the kink community).  Just because someone has a fetish or does something unorthodox in the bedroom doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same basic human rights as everyone else.

Because Misery Loves Company 

I braved the frozen tundra and the winds to see the matinee of 


starring Bruce Willis as Paul Sheldon and Laurie Metcalf as his “number one fan” Annie Wilkes.  My youngest sister wanted tickets for her birthday, and my mother managed to get tickets for today’s show for…well they were practically giving them away (Orchestra, row K, unobstructed view, $41 each).  Maybe the tickets were so cheap because today’s ash Wednesday and they weren’t expecting a big turn out (it wasn’t a packed house, but it wasn’t empty, either).

Being a huge Stephen King fan, I love the book on which the play is based.  I also love the movie.  Kathy Bates was truly terrifying in the movie & I was curious to see how Laurie Metcalf would compare.  She held her own, but the real story here is Bruce Willis.  Having never seen him live before, this was interesting.  He’s one of those actors who uses every fiber of his being…his body, his voice, facial expressions.  It’s one thing to do that in a movie with many takes, many chances to get it exactly right, but to do it live and get it perfect the first time, every show.  That’s commitment and dedication.  

The show ends its Broadway run Saturday (nothing like getting in right under the wire), but I hope it comes back, if not with A-list celebrities on stage, then with up and coming performers.  It’s too good to disappear forever.

When did this start happening?

I was confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church (in 1989, when I was twelve years old).  As far as I can remember, confirmation was about wearing a white dress (the boys wore suits) and flowers on my head, the obligatory church ceremony, and my parents taking my picture.  I vaguely recall the Monsignore coming to our class once a week for awhile before the actual ceremony and reading the Bible with us, but that’s about it.  

There was no talk about the girls enticing the boys and whether that was good or bad.  There was no three days spent in the woods (we were from Brooklyn, NY, we didn’t know from the woods), there was no fireside chat about temperance, whatever the hell that is.  

But now little girls are being told it’s their fault because of what they’re wearing if something happens to them, and this is somehow part of a religious education.  And boys are not being told that they have to exercise self-control.  Do you know what happens when you tell a boy he doesn’t have to control himself, that he can do whatever he wants and it will never be his own fault.  He becomes the next Udday Hussein, that’s what.

So think about that.

Well it looks like the jackass convention is coming to town 

http://archive.is/lhMKP and quite frankly, I’d prefer the circus.  At least Wringling Brothers puts on a good show.

Something called Return of the Kings is organizing.  From what I can tell, Return of the Kings is a bunch of knuckle-dragging men who hate women (Hillary Clinton, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, & model Tess Holliday are on their official enemies list, among others).  They think rape (non-consensual sex) should be legal, they use “tranny” as an insult, and they’re coming.  They’ve officially cancelled their public meetups, but are trying to salvage as many private meetups as possible.  The public meetups have been cancelled “to ensure the safety of any men planning to attend”. 

Who will work to ensure that the rest of us are safe from the kind of men who would attend such a thing, that’s what I want to know.