Throwback Thursday 

I’m 12 or 13 here.  The double-breasted-looking dress with the buttons is to hide the fact that I already had a full bosom at that early age (something my mother was ashamed of), and yes, that IS a bow in my hair (because mommy needed me to look young so people would think she was young).  

Throwback Thursday 

Christmas Day (mid-1980s?), it was a photo of all the cousins together, but I’ve cropped them out because, well, we’re adults now and it’d be wrong to plaster them all over the internet and shatter their privacy (also I’m no longer speaking to any of them).

One-Liner Wednesday: Really Short Story

Years ago, I did my undergrad and my first M.A., I’d sit in classes smugly knowing I was the smartest one there.  Today, I’m starting my second Master’s (after 16 years of “life experiences”) and it’s humbling to know that I’m not the smartest one there, it frees me from the burden of having to be the best.  Today I am in competition with no one.

Never Forget 

Never forget. It’s my generation’s “Where were you when Kennedy was shot?”, a thing we all experienced that pulls us closer. What I most remember is the day after it happened…New Yorkers a little bit less hard-boiled & more aware that each day is a gift, going around saying “No, after you” and “Please”. We could all take a lesson from the September 12th New Yorkers.