Alcoholism is a disease and yet if you are drunk behind the wheel and mow down a pedestrian, you’re charged with DUI, vehicular manslaughter, because drunk driving is illegal, because running people over is illegal.  The fact that you have a disease doesn’t negate the fact that you broke laws.

So too if your compulsion to sexually assault children is a disorder…once you’re caught with a child, you’re charged with a crime.  The fact that you have a disorder doesn’t negate the fact that you violated laws.  Saying it’s a disorder won’t protect you.  Hiding behind the Roman Catholic Church won’t protect you.  

1 Liner Wednesday: Really Short Story

Another terror attack in Berlin earlier this week…people in Aleppo need help…and there, on page 3 of my newspaper today is an article about how Lena Dunham wishes she had an abortion (along with a picture of her in a heinous floral dress & green shag floor-length coat).  Hey Dunham, here’s a tip from me to you: talking about an abortion like it’s a spa treatment doesn’t make you a “fighter for women’s rights”, it makes you a selfish…it’s not all about you.  You really wanna fight for women’s rights???  Lend your celebrity status to a good cause, go to Texas and protest the closing of abortion clinics.


Some of my favorite music and some of my favorite musicians come from #berlin. German people are among my friends because they’re a cosmopolitan bunch of people who (for the most part) have an amazing, sarcastic sense of humor. Berlin is someplace my sister and I talk about visiting “when we get the money” to travel, so it’d be cool if Berlin, Germany, and every wonderful thing about that culture stays in this world.