And we sink to yet a new low
A refugee raped a 79 year old German woman while she visited her sister’s grave.  The topic of refugees in Europe is controversial & the whole conversation of rape and consent is complicated…but when you put these two concepts together, you get the one big, complicated concept of refugees raping European women.  

Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve…many women claimed to have been raped by refugees.  Refugees claim to not understand Western culture and its treatment of women.  Language barriers & cultural misunderstandings (well, what may or may not have been misunderstandings).  

But who in their right mind thinks an elderly woman at a cemetery is “asking for it”?  Or do these so-called refugees think they’re entitled to just forcibly take any woman they come across while out in public.  They’re like dogs in heat, just running around humping everything in sight.  🙈

1 Liner Wednesday: Really Short Stories

France, Germany, Istanbul, Orlando…🙈

And let’s not forget the matter of police killing Alton Sterling, Mike Brown, and others like then AND police officers being killed in places like Baton Rouge.  🙈

Has the whole world forgotten that summer is supposed to be about block parties & barbecue, family vacation & the beach?

Who kills an unarmed 86 year old man?!

“Soldiers” of ISIS, that’s who.  In France, two ISIS “soldiers” took hostages inside of a church, including the 86 year old priest, who was made to kneel so they could slit his throat.  

I haven’t been a practicing Catholic for many years & I don’t like to take sides in any religious war.  But the two who slit the priest’s throat cowardly little shits.  An unarmed 86 year old man…he didn’t wage any war, he didn’t fight back, he wasn’t looking for them.  Rather than challenge younger men to fight (to a fair fight), they went after an unarmed, elderly man.  They are lower than pond scum.  

French police have killed these so-called “soldiers” and arrested their accomplices, because French police do their job (killing terrorists, unlike the American president, who refuses to even say “terrorist”).  

TMI Tuesday

1.     What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?  Getting sober and getting honest with myself.

2.     What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?  At 15, I got drunk at my cousin’s house party (had to be walked home); there were other incidents where I came home drunk and ended up grounded.  

3.     When was the last time you had an amazing meal?  What was it?  Why was it amazing for you?  Grilled lobster on my 39th birthday earlier this month.  Was amazing because I got to spend time with my niece and nephew.

4.     What’s the best/worst gift you’ve given/received?  There’s no one best gift I ever got, but the worst gift was when I was 14 & the husband of my aunt’s friend gave me a pair of panties from Victoria’s Secret (for no real reason) and asked me to try them on…thanks but no thanks.

5.     What do you miss most about being a kid?  Very little, really.

Bonus:  What is something you learned in the last week?  I learned that happiness comes in various guises.

Angry and Defiant

I’m angry even as I know my anger does nothing for the people of Munich. It’s Friday afternoon in New York & I will be going out tonight…those responsible for the Munich attack (the Nice attack, the Paris attacks) want people huddled in our homes, living in fear and I refuse.  

Throwback Thursday 

Yup, I went to Catholic school.  This was taken the first day of school (probably 4th grade), in front of the house (we took lots of pictures there).  Was very important to my mother that my sisters and I went to Catholic school.  #throwbackthursday

One Liner Wednesday: Really Short Stories 

According to yesterday’s New York Post, Bill Cosby is blind due to keratoconus, a condition that causes the corneas to bulge.  Attorneys have to hold him by the arms and lead him into court (for his rape trial), he’s “in his own personal hell” confined to his house with only his wife, Camille, on his side.

And keratoconus can cause blindness if untreated.  That’s what the doctor who diagnosed me with it said.  Since then I’ve had two corneal surgeries and been fitted with RGP contact lenses.  

I find it hard to believe Cosby, with all his money, wouldn’t get treatment, would just go blind quietly.  Sure, he’s twice my age and maybe the surgery (which they’ve only been doing for ten years) wasn’t available to him, but I think he’s either faking or exaggerating his condition in hopes of being spared jail time.

Deja vu

I must be experiencing deja vu.  Or some weird Groundhogs day syndrome.  Why else would the front page of the morning paper tell of a terror attack in Paris.  It can’t possibly have happened again…But it did happen again.  This is the world we now live in.  80 people dead for I don’t even know what.