And there’s this
Ok, so Milo Yiannopoulos is so misguided, so wrong, that he thinks a Roman Catholic priest having abused him was the greatest thing to ever happen to him.  He “wouldn’t give such good head” if not for his priest, and as disturbing as that is, it’s his life.  But when he decides he’s somehow entitled to say that others who have been abused by priests and don’t think it’s the greatest thing ever are a bunch of brats who don’t appreciate what was done for them.  Milo also thinks priests who abuse boys are gay…🙈.  Gay men have relationships with consenting adults.  The priests who abuse their position of power to molest the underage aren’t having gay sex, they’re predators who get off on power and control.  And they hide behind the clerical collar because they’re allowed to do so, because the so-called “Holy See” refuses to admit that these men are human and they do wrong like anyone else, which is what’s truly fucked up.  

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