She has to do everything so she can bitch about how nobody appreciates her.  I can’t do anything for myself (she says) because I’m an ignoramus.  If something needs to be done (let’s say a lightbulb needs changing) I must wait for her to buy a bulb and climb on a ladder (her and her goddamn track lighting) to get to it.  Doesn’t matter that she’s 71 years old and has no business on a fucking ladder.  Doesn’t matter that I need light to put my contact lenses in (or to find the one I dropped this morning), doesn’t matter that it’s an inconvenience waiting a week or more for her to find a store that has a sale, so she can buy one fucking bulb (“but I only need one and I don’t like to waste money”).  Doesn’t matter that she’s batshit insane.  I’m the bad guy because I bought light bulbs FULL PRICE and climbed my own ass on a ladder to fix the problem.  Clearly I need to be taken out and shot.

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