Alcoholism is a disease and yet if you are drunk behind the wheel and mow down a pedestrian, you’re charged with DUI, vehicular manslaughter, because drunk driving is illegal, because running people over is illegal.  The fact that you have a disease doesn’t negate the fact that you broke laws.

So too if your compulsion to sexually assault children is a disorder…once you’re caught with a child, you’re charged with a crime.  The fact that you have a disorder doesn’t negate the fact that you violated laws.  Saying it’s a disorder won’t protect you.  Hiding behind the Roman Catholic Church won’t protect you.  

5 thoughts on “Seriously?!

  1. Many people with pedophilic feeling don’t act on those feeling, because they understand it’s wrong. Simultaneously many people who abuse children aren’t pedophiles but simply target children for convenience. Either way, child sexual abuse is immoral and should be subject to criminal prosecution. Period.

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  2. A UK newspaper wouldn’t dare print that Headline, if they did the ‘blank’ would hit the fan, fines sackings Government enquiries, I get the sense the UK may be ahead of the US when it comes to addressing historical child abuse, I don’t know of course but sexual abuse is the biggest scandal and story the UK has ever seen. Quite rightly so and in a few years when the dust has settled perhaps the Country will have changed for ever……..btw you are right, over here there’s been a top level cover up as well!


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