And we sink to yet a new low
A refugee raped a 79 year old German woman while she visited her sister’s grave.  The topic of refugees in Europe is controversial & the whole conversation of rape and consent is complicated…but when you put these two concepts together, you get the one big, complicated concept of refugees raping European women.  

Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve…many women claimed to have been raped by refugees.  Refugees claim to not understand Western culture and its treatment of women.  Language barriers & cultural misunderstandings (well, what may or may not have been misunderstandings).  

But who in their right mind thinks an elderly woman at a cemetery is “asking for it”?  Or do these so-called refugees think they’re entitled to just forcibly take any woman they come across while out in public.  They’re like dogs in heat, just running around humping everything in sight.  🙈

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