Who kills an unarmed 86 year old man?!

“Soldiers” of ISIS, that’s who.  In France, two ISIS “soldiers” took hostages inside of a church, including the 86 year old priest, who was made to kneel so they could slit his throat.  

I haven’t been a practicing Catholic for many years & I don’t like to take sides in any religious war.  But the two who slit the priest’s throat cowardly little shits.  An unarmed 86 year old man…he didn’t wage any war, he didn’t fight back, he wasn’t looking for them.  Rather than challenge younger men to fight (to a fair fight), they went after an unarmed, elderly man.  They are lower than pond scum.  

French police have killed these so-called “soldiers” and arrested their accomplices, because French police do their job (killing terrorists, unlike the American president, who refuses to even say “terrorist”).  

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