Reports that Donald Trump is actually a homosexual?
Well I don’t know who is spreading reports that Trump is actually a homosexual, but Roger Stone thinks it serious enough that he took it upon himself to address said reports (by saying they’re untrue, of course).  According to Stone, Mr. Trump was quite the ladies man when single, dating several beautiful models.

But just for fun, let’s look at the evidence in support of the idea that Trump is actually homosexual.  There’s the fact that he’s presently on his third marriage, which leads me to wonder what went wrong in marriages 1 & 2 (trouble in the bedroom…lack of interest, perhaps).  And there’s the fact that he doesn’t seem to get along with women…documented by his lack of respect for Megyn Kelly & his public name-calling of Rosie O’Donnell.  And of course there’s his over the top macho posturing, the overuse of the word “huge”, which he pronounces “yuge” (why does everything he talks about have to be huge?). And then there’s the matter of his hair…it’s hideous, I know, and we can’t decide if it’s a dead fox, a house cat, his mother’s muff, or what the fuck atop his head.  But we can all agree he must put a lot of time & effort into cultivating that rat’s nest…it’s distinctive, if nothing else, his signature look.  

If he IS a homosexual, he’s not a good one…I mean, still in the closet at his age?!  He should come out already, and admit he likes Latin men in their 20s.  

7 thoughts on “Reports that Donald Trump is actually a homosexual?

  1. I doubt he’s gay, but I couldn’t care less if he is.There’s nothing wrong with being gay. I don’t think there’s any need to attack his private life. Why not just point to what he’s on record as saying? Building a wall to keep out Mexicans and banning all Muslims from entering the United States are ideas quite spectacular in their bigotry and stupidity.

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  2. Funny how making a post that something is untrue actually spreads the meme. Sometimes those Internet “news sites” make a post “Shocking news of the death of “. I open the article and it says “Shocking news of the death of … turned out to be untrue.” And I haven’t heard the “untrue shocking news” in the first place. But I did click on the link and a few of those ads have flashed on my screen — probably all they needed. Great way to attract attention.

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