What is this world coming to?!

We’ve heard the stories about the female teachers who get caught having sex with male underage students (and yes, that IS just as illegal as when a male teacher has sex with an underage female student), but this takes the cake.

Alexandria Vera has turned herself in after allegedly aborting the child of her 13 year old student/boyfriend.  Maybe she terminated the pregnancy because a 13 year old child was in no position to financially support a child or emotionally support her throughout a pregnancy.  But she didn’t terminate the pregnancy out of fear the boy’s family would find out about their relationship, because supposedly they knew and approved of the relationship.  

That’s the part I don’t get…what kind of parents could possibly approve of a 24 year old woman feeding liquor to & having a sexual relationship with their 13 year old child?  How could they not realize this woman was continuously abusing their child, or did they just not care?  

One thought on “What is this world coming to?!

  1. As this is a field I worked in for years I have a very strong opinion that any more than a two year age gap under 21 yo is too much! After 21 if both are mature then any age gap is irrelevant.
    I sincerely believe young people should be allowed to explore their sexuality in their own way with people their own age – abuse by a person who has power over them eg teacher, parent, cleric, etc is far too dangerous. It damages them for healthy relationships later in life although some work hard on their own recovery.

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