And my love affair with Johnny Depp has come to an abrupt end,

Because he beat his wife, Amber Heard, and newspaper pictures of her show the bruises to prove it.  Some have already branded Amber a gold-digger, saying she only wants “shut up money”, but I hope to high hell she doesn’t shut up about this, no matter how much he tries to pay her to do so.  Fame and money don’t get you a free pass to knock your wife around (whether you’re an A-list actor, a football star, or whatever).  So I won’t be seeing Alice through the Looking Glass or anything else Depp appears in (including the Hollywood Vampires) because I’m not putting money in a wife-beater’s pocket.  Depp has even gone so far as to get his first wife from the 1980s to say he’s a “nonviolent, soft person”…or at least the papers say she said that.  And it’s ALWAYS the “nonviolent, soft” guys who end up getting caught throwing an iPhone at their wife’s face or pulling the hair out of her head, because those guys aren’t man enough to fight other men.  The shit has hit the fan, and I know where I stand.

2 thoughts on “And my love affair with Johnny Depp has come to an abrupt end,

  1. It’s impossible to take sides in anything the media chooses to publicize because a- nobody except the two in question really know what happened; b- either or both can be lying; c- her bruises can be from anything, including self-inflicted unless we were there and witnessed them being inflicted; d-people of quality generally try to keep such things out of the limelight UNLESS they want money or publicity. I am not in support of either Heard or Depp, only pointing out a few salient facts. By the way, it is not ALWAYS the soft, non-violent guys who throw things and are caught wife-beating, by any means. Do your research before you state such an egregious error about abuse.

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