1 Liner Wednesday: Really Short Story

Anytime my mother has a project for my father, like this thing 

she nominates, constitutes, & appoints yours truly to put it together with him in her stead because she can’t be bothered.  He’s very non-mechanical & non-physical (in fact he’s been on a bathroom break for 20 minutes already) and all my mother knows is she wants it “done by close of business today”.  All I know is I don’t enjoy being a surrogate or a stand in for her.

3 thoughts on “1 Liner Wednesday: Really Short Story

  1. BUT WAIT, there’s more. Ok, when my father never came back from the bathroom (and no, he didn’t fall in, he put the FOX News Channel on & just never rejoined the real world), I put that gigantic Tupperware thing the rest of the way together myself. Took me until 12:15 pm.

    At 4:15, I went to shower because tonight is the pub trivia finals. I blew a fuse with the hair dryer. My father (already pissed because he had to put the fucking Tupperware thing together) headed for the circuit box. He flipped every switch (or so he claimed, I was in a towel & didn’t go down there with him) & he bellowed, and then he swore. And an hour later, the whole upstairs is still without power.

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