This mixed message madness

His name is Michael.  He’s a divorced engineer with two children (yeah, I know his business, but he’s the one who told me).  He shows up to comedy night every other week at The Postmark Cafe.  Sometimes we have some interesting, friendly conversations.  

And then I message him on the Meetup message board, to say 

Good to see you last night

the day after, and it’s like talking to my hearing-impaired father.  The message just doesn’t get through.  So I figure he was just talking to me to be polite, he doesn’t really like me.  Until the next time I see him, when he acts like he never got my message (which I’m kinda pissed he didn’t respond to) and says 

Good to see you again

like nothing happened, and shows me a cell phone pic of his kids dressed up for Easter.

So we had a nice chat tonight and I just don’t know.  I don’t know if he wants to be friends, lovers, or if he just wants me to drive myself crazy trying to figure it out.  

9 thoughts on “This mixed message madness

  1. ima be the first to be the bubble buster (possibly the only and I do apologise for possibly putting ideas in your head). Sounds like a game player to me….. if hes like that now and all that. Just sayin


    1. I must be an idiot…I look at him & I see stability, every other week (the weeks he doesn’t have his kids, who he’s shown me cell phone pictures of) he shows up at comedy night at the cafe…he sits in the same seat, he drinks his can of Rolling Rock (beer), and that, to me, represented a kind of stability others might call boring, but I’m kind of into. And every time he talks to me I think he’s into me, BUT THEN HE DOESN’T ANSWER MY TEXTS. So maybe he is a game player. And definitely I don’t need that.


      1. definitely something behind that then. Probably has a wife at home. Steer clear I say. No amount of excuses will excuse why someone isn’t able to take 5 secs to answer a txt message. Trust me Ive heard them all before. “Oh I didn’t get your message” “Oh my phone died” “Oh My phone was outa range” “Oh I fell asleep” “Oh I had no credit” and trust me again, it always amounts to BS. In other words I was too busy with someone else or undertones of “Ive been busy avoiding you cos Im up to no good”. I could be wrong but…..I smell a rat. Rats have diseases by the way lol. As soon as I read the post I instantly seen the flash of doubt. If theres doubt get the hell out and that sadly comes from pure experience

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    2. I of course have never said outright that I’m attracted to him (and maybe that’s my problem, I don’t know how to be direct) so I could be just as much to blame as he is.


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