WTF Wednesday: Never a Dull Moment

So at 10:55 am New York time, I was in the office of my gynecologist, expecting to have an endometrial polyp biopsied.  I figured I would then be scheduled for a procedure (in a hospital) during which the polyp would be removed, but no.  In the course of the biopsy, the doctor managed to get the whole polyp.  Yup, I “delivered” a polyp that was 7 cm in length & looked like a miniature sausage.  I named it Pasquale D. Polyp, & I’m happy to report that Pasquale is no longer confined to my body but rather on his way to a medical lab for testing.  

Meanwhile I, having no stitches or bandages, am going to eat something fried & smothered in cheese and then go to pub trivia tonight.  

13 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Never a Dull Moment

  1. 🙂 enjoy your evening sounds fun!

    Remember our previous Presidential conversation? Well London now has a Muslim Mayor who won’t visit the US if Trump wins, who in turn has challenged Mr Khan to an IQ test? 😀 not forgetting Trump won’t forgive Cameron calling him ignorant, you know what I’m almost looking forward to Trump winning!

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    1. London has a Muslim mayor; Rotterdam has a Muslim mayor…what I want is to see Trump attend official events in London and/or Rotterdam. Will he refuse to shake hands with Muslim mayors while the cameras are rolling?

      As for Trump’s IQ, he once sued comedian Bill Maher because Maher joked that Trump was fathered by an orangutan (hence the wild orange hair).

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      1. How likely is the prospect of Trump as President? I’ve never asked an American before. I guess if he won then Muslim leaders clerics poets writers movie makers from around the world won’t visit. Very depressing 😦


      2. Or maybe the Orangutan put him up for adoption. You know, in secret?
        What with their forests being destroyed his probably worried about raising a child in an environment lacking in decent health care and such, and food stamps not being issued to any of the Great Apes.
        And her being an atheist on top of all that.
        Of course, she could have just been trying to make a monkey out of Donald?

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  2. Hope you are doing fine after your procedure. Regarding Trump, we have safeguards here, they are called the Senate and the Congress, heaven forbid tthe Trumpster and his mob of rabid followers win the election. Bernie should step out rather than hand the office to Trump on a silver platter. Frankly, I am not finding any good options this time around but Hillary at least knows what “foreign policy” means.

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    1. Yeah the electrician came Thursday and fixed the broken fuse. As for that thing my mother insisted my father and I put together, I got it together the best I could, but the screws popped out. She (in her infinite wisdom) went and bought another one, which “we” (we being anybody but HER) will attempt to put together) and then that same “we” will take the f irst one apaprt and return it. That is, if we don’t murder her instead. But happy memorial day weekend to you, and thank you for your service.

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