What the fuck Wednesday

So Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign, which is a polite way of saying he dropped out of the race for president of the United States of America.  This means that real estate tycoon Donald Trump, a buffoon and a cartoon candidate (or is he a caricature of a candidate) if there ever was one, is the presumptive Republican nominee…god help the Republican party.  I say god help them not because I believe in a god but rather because so many of them seem to believe in a deity, or to claim to do so.

I also say How the fuck did we end up with Trump as the nominee?  This is a man who reminds me of Mussolini, the way he blathers on but actually says nothing.  He’s been called Caligula’s ass, that thing atop his head has been called a fox…when he said how pro-gun he was, it was suggested his hairpiece was something he hunted, shot, and plopped up there as a bizzare trophy (and that may be true).  He wants to make America great again by building a wall to keep the Mexicans out.  Who’s he going to get to build his wall?  He’s insane if he thinks he’s getting any kind of labor done without a crew of Mexicans…and I don’t say that to put down the Mexican people, I say that becausethey do much of the labor, the actual construction, that takes place in this country.  So if Trump thinks he’s building a wall without them, he’s living in a fantasy world, and the American people he wants to be president of live in the real world…it would do him well to join us here if he wants to lead us.  And what is Trump going to do about and/or for women.  I don’t know if he knows it or not, but in this country we vote.  So far, he’s called Rosie O’Donnell a “fat pig” on national TV (and I’m no big  fan of Rosie, I don’t watch her show or like her stand up routine, I just see that calling her a fat pig on national TV during a presidential debate was inappropriate and uncalled for, completely ungentlemanly behavior on Trump’s part); he’s accused Megyn Kelly of being “on the rag”.  It’s one thing when your drunk uncle or your boorish co-worker says such things, but a president?????  What’s he going to say to German Chancellor Angela Merkel…I’m terrified to find out.What’s he going to do, as president, when a proposed bill about domestic violence crosses his desk…will he turn to one of the domestic violence survivors who comes to speak about why the bill should pass and say, “I like you, honey, you can take a punch” on CNN, as the world watches?

People say (of Trump) “he says exactly what’s on his mind”…yeah, well, that condition, where one blurts out whatever, whenever, that’s called Tourettes and we usually get the person help for it, treatment.  We don’t make him president.

9 thoughts on “What the fuck Wednesday

  1. Trump better take more care when playing the Muslim card, I think I’m allowed to give an opinion because if he keeps saying “I will ban Muslim’s entering America” he may well find himself not being allowed into the UK, his race views are big BIG News over here.

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      1. Good point Cara and you’re absolutely correct though there’s already been a debate in the Houses of Parliament, and I take that back ‘he will be allowed in’ but he won’t be as welcome as Obama, Brits love Obama 🙂

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  2. Ouch, you said it … the world is watching and can’t believe he’s got this far but it seems that his rants are appealing to the disenchanted! He can’t deliver on what he’s promised – maybe he’ll put Mexicans, Muslims and Women behind his wall? Then what can the gun totters complain about?

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  3. All I know is that if he becomes President I will be afraid to live in this country. I’m African American and if he hates Muslims, Spanish folks and has issues with women then I just know what he thinks about me and my people. I’m also a woman so that means even more problems. He is going to take us back 50 hears and obviously there is a lot of people who want this because he’s doing better then the whole world thought. I’m scared.

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