And you…

…don’t even ask me if I wanna see you tonight.  I just get that text that says you’re coming.  What, is it because you’re 27 and gorgeous you think I’ll drop my panties whenever you get here.  Honey, I stopped wearing panties a decade ago.  Had you asked if I wanna see you, I’d have said no.  I’d have said “I’m bloated & I need my nails done”, but you didn’t ask.  You don’t ask.  

So I got dressed, and then I got the text saying you can’t make it.  You rascal you.  Obviously I’m not at the top of your to-do list, & someone better came along.  But I’m not going to take the makeup off just because you don’t wanna see it…took over an hour (and a double espresso) to get ready.  So I’m going to have dinner & see what shenanigans I can get into.

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