Sonny’s Blues 

You’re a good-looking man, Sonny…remind me of a young Chazz Palmintieri.  Charismatic, too.  Sitting across the table from me with those hazel eyes.  Not brown, not green, but hazel.  In your Nike shirt from Modell’s & your not new jeans, you command as much respect as some men put on a suit for.

And I won’t lie…I felt all kinds of electricity run through me when you touched my hand.  When you said you’ve been sleeping on the subway, my first instinct was to say 

Come to my place this afternoon, you can shower & I’ll feed you

And I wish you had kissed me on the mouth instead of on the cheek.  

But those hazel eyes of yours aren’t clear…they’re glazed & red.  That guy in the Mercedes with the tinted windows who picked you up from the coffee shop, he ain’t your nephew.  

I wanna be a friend to you, & maybe more.  But if you don’t clean up your act, it can’t happen.

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