1 Liner Wednesday: Really Short Stories

“You’re cold,” my mother once said, “the way you just cut people out of your life as though they’re nothing.”

She was referring to the way I cut Vinnie out of my life.  Truth be told, I had loved Vinnie, loved him a way I didn’t think I could ever love a man.  I had wanted to be with him, lovers in the flesh.  But he didn’t like me that way, he saw me as one of the guys (a guy with boobs).  So he thought nothing of introducing me to his good buddies James, Anthony, & Pasquale.  And because I wanted to show him that I wasn’t one of the guys, I fucked all of them.

James was an actual relationship, one that ended when I decided I was tired of him.  Pasquale was…an incident of skanko-Roman wrestling, followed by me being mad he didn’t call the next day, and an incident of angry sex some months later.  Anthony was…Anthony wanted a blowjob, I didn’t want to, he tried to forcibly push my head down there, and I bit him (yeah, there).  

But I didn’t show Vinnie I wasn’t one of the guys like I wanted to.  I showed him I was a slut (and a sloppy drunk), and, my grand plan having not worked, I cut him out of my life like none of it happened.

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