Wait, what the FUCK?

A Judge Dismissed Kesha’s Appeal to Be Freed From Dr. Luke Contract – Glamour https://apple.news/A56fm_9VcN5ihb8H5Djbsow
So according to New York State Supreme Court judge Shirley Werner Kornreich (who presides over a Manhattan court & is hearing the appeal portion of Kesha’s lawsuit against Dr. Luke & SONY), 

Every rape is not a gender-motivated hate crime

Does that mean the judge actually believes rape is NOT a hateful, violent act that’s all about power & control?  Does it mean the judge believes Dr. Luke didn’t rape and emotionally abuse Kesha over a period of ten years?  Does it mean the judge stipulates that Dr. Luke raped Kesha, but is unwilling say that Dr. Luke raped Kesha because she’s a woman (i e that Dr. Luke would have been just as likely to have raped a man).

I may not be a judge but I know that rape is a crime of gender violence, that it’s about a man’s desire to control and be powerful over a woman who doesn’t consent to have him in a position of power over her; it’s about his insistence on penetrating her when she doesn’t want to be penetrated.  Every rape.  And yes, it is gender-motivated hate crime.

What happened here is a New York State Supreme Court judge kowtowed to SONY music.  It saddens and disgusts me.  I only hope judge Shirley Werner Kornreich can live with herself and the choice she made.

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