Really, this is where we are?

Well, It’s Happened: Full-On Leg Contouring Is Now a Thing – Glamour

I admit that I wear makeup on my face.  Many ladies (and some gentlemen) and when my sister is not looking, my four year old niece (sometimes) use varying amounts of face makeup.  Some of us are as done up as a Kardashian sister every time we leave the house.  Others are bare-faced but for the red lipstick when we go out on new years eve.  Some of us can highlight and contour.  Others even out our complexion and call it a day.  Some of us don’t use makeup at all.  

Some people use body makeup.  To cover a scar or hide the sort of tattoo your corporate workplace might frown upon. 

But leg contouring?  This is new and I don’t think I like it.  I mean, it’s one thing to want to look good in your dress, and I didn’t say anything when the whole spray tan craze started (even though some people started looking like goddamn ooompa looompas….Yeah, Snooki, I’m looking right at you).  But now we’re expected to slather our legs in body makeup which will stain our dress (and every piece of furniture we sit on, lean against) and as it stains our dress and the sofa we’re sitting on, it will also rub off our legs.  Or are we supposed to spend all fucking day reapplying our leg makeup?  I don’t know about you but putting my face (moisturizer, foundation, eyes, lip) on is enough.  As it is, I do the dreaded hair removal for spring and summer, I’m not putting makeup on my legs.

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