And they proved what they set out to prove (big surprise)

The Struggle Is Real: Watch Guys Try to Figure Out Pads – Glamour
So Glamour Magazine wants you (you being the magazine-reading female public) that grown men know absolutely nothing about menstruation.

To that end, they recruited a “random sample” of men (I.e. the three clueless hipsterish-looking guys in the video).  And the three guys in the video know nothing about menstruation.  In the video, they’re each given a maxi pad and asked to attach it to a pair of man-panties (jockey shorts). One man sniffed the pad, expecting it to contain an odor; another wonders if the wings are aerodynamic (as if menstruating women use maxi pads to become airborne); the third questioned whether the adhesive side (which is meant to stick to the underpants) would “stick to my scrotum”.  And of course there was the inevitable comparison of the maxi pad to (you guessed it) a diaper.  

I can’t help but wonder how the results would have been different if Glamour Magazine had interviewed, say, a male doctor…or a married father of two teenage daughters.  Either of those men would know more about menstruation than the three who were interviewed.  

But Glamour Magazine didn’t want an article about how some men actually know what goes on with a woman’s body.  They want to portray men as stupid and clueless, because such portrayal of men plays into their warped brand of “feminism”.

3 thoughts on “And they proved what they set out to prove (big surprise)

  1. A Man or Woman is only stupid IF they are taught a lesson, and then don’t use the newly learned information productively. One is only uninformed. Experience is the key (in all things)

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