Sometimes the stars align just right 

Most Friday nights I go to a free comedy show at the Postmark Cafe.  It’s a very laid-back environment, it’s an activity that doesn’t revolve around drinking, it’s free (well, free admission & $3.00 for a delicious espresso).

In January (I think) I met young Jules there.  We chatted and it ended with him saying “I’ll text you next time I’m coming to the show and we’ll get together”.  I thought I’d never hear from him.

February 27th he messaged me he was coming.  I spent an eternity trying on clothes, wanting to look good.  He cancelled at the last minute.  

I thought for sure I’d never hear from him again.  Yesterday he messaged to say he “might come” tonight and if I have any plans for after, he wants “to jump in”.  I said it’d be great to see him, thinking he’d cancel at the last minute again.

I went to the comedy show and was shocked to find him already there.  He didn’t cancel or pull a no show, he actually did what he said he was going to do.  

So after the show, we spent an hour at Smith’s Tavern getting to know each other.  I now know exactly how young young Jules is…he’s 27.  I also know that he went to Cornell & majored in statistics.  He’s a statistican (that has something to do with numbers  but I don’t know what he actually does all day).  I told him I have a Master’s degree in British Literature, which makes me seem smarter than I really am.  The truth is I have a Master’s but I can’t balance my checkbook.  I also found out that he rarely drinks.  That works for me because as a recovering alcoholic, I never drink (not a drop for three and a half years now).  

And as he hugged me goodbye he said, “I’ll text you, we’ll for this from time to time”, which I took to mean he wants to see me again. Of course I don’t know why a good-looking young, intelligent man would want to see me again (I’m not young, I’m not slim, I certainly can’t match him intellectually).  But I want to see him again.  

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