The Mask 

Specifically the Venetian mask  

has long been associated with BDSM and the play parties/scene parties that take place in public dungeons and very private homes. With the popularity of Fifty Shades, stores like Lane Bryant suddenly want to sell me a (cheap looking) Venetian mask & a (useless looking) flogger with the bra I went in there to buy.  And I’m into S & M…just not the “padded handcuffs” brand of it, which is to say I’m a bit more of a masochist than the average Lane Bryant shopper (or a bit more of a masochist than Lane Bryant expects its customers to be).  

But this post is about Venetian masks.  I have no idea how or why they came to be associated with BDSM.  I mean I get that some people (Roman Catholic priests, politicians) might not want people to know they’ve been to an S & M dungeon.  But wearing a mask didn’t prevent Batman’s true identity (Bruce Wayne) from being revealed & if it doesn’t work in a movie, it won’t work in life.

I’ve never worn a Venetian mask for BDSM play.  For me, BDSM is where I go to take off all the masks, costumes, and heavy armor I wear in other aspects of my life and be who and what I really am.  Yes, people have seen my face (and the business end of me) but I want them to see my true essence.

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