on first listen, it’s easy to mistake the song “Stranger” by the Rasmus as a song about a one-night stand. With lyrics like “I don’t care if it’s only for tonight”, it SOUNDS like a song about a casual encounter. But if you listen a little closer, it’s really not about spending one night with a stranger.

It’s about being the stranger in your own life, being always on the periphery/the outside, looking in, but never actually being a real participant in the action that is your own life. It’s a feeling I remember well from when I struggled with (but wasn’t in treatment for) depression…being the outsider in my own life, never being a part of the action. Being a stranger (in so many ways) to those around me and to myself. But at the same time feeling like I OUGHT TO know myself after living in my body for all the years I had been. But I didn’t really know myself until I tore down all those walls I had let depression build inside my head.

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