12 thoughts on “Damn, it’s good to be bad

      1. Yes those nuns lived in donated mansions – had to get a special ladder to change their light bulbs. Wore the best designer label clothes and went dancing with their old school mates – MEN! They double dipped eg drew wages for their hospice work and still had their aged pensions paid into the convent fund so they could ask for any allowance they wanted. Only knew two that tried to be frugle, so definitely no poverty and very little charity there!

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      2. Truthfully I’ve often wondered are all nuns virgins? I’m not being derogatory or nasty mind because many are charitable doing selfless work (Oxford has a very famous Catholic Hospice) and let’s start from the basis sex is a gift and when consummated between husband and wife brings pleasure, enhances the pair bond (take all monogamous mammals) is intermate bringing them closer to together, sex is good clean fun but I often muse 😀 do some nuns (genuine) err enjoy a good hard fucking? Justa thought

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      3. I believe you’re thinking of the fetish nuns at Silvio Berlusconi’s bunga bunga parties…those women liked a good hard fucking as much as the former prime minister himself.

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      4. :/ perhaps the sexual scandals catholic priests have have been involved in recently is purely because sex is denied them by the church which seems ridiculous unnatural and unhealthy.

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