So the tampon tax is a real thing, for those of you who didn’t know
And it has its very own lawsuit.  In New York State (where I live) the governor could end the tampon tax, and he says he wants to do so.  And yet he doesn’t just sign an executive order ending it.  The state’s Department of Taxation and Finance is being sued by women who are tired of feminine hygiene products being labeled luxury items in stores (while adult diapers and Rogaine, things that men use, are deemed medically necessary).  I, for one, have never felt luxurious while inserting a tampon into myself, and I really never felt luxurious while removing a tampon from myself.  I feel luxurious while using high heels, makeup, lingerie, so yes, label those items luxury items and change a tax for them, I won’t argue.  

4 thoughts on “So the tampon tax is a real thing, for those of you who didn’t know 

  1. I don’t know if there’s a tampon tax in other countries, and I’m not suggesting that men be made to do without Rogaine (believe me, gentlemen, nobody wants to see you sport a combover). Adult diapers are a medical necessity for men and ladies who are incontinent (although nobody likes admitting to being incontinent). We’re even OK with it if you men of a certain age get your health insurance to cover Viagra (because when you’re harder than Chinese algebra, that’s really a gift for us women). All we want is to not have a ridiculous tax on feminine hygiene products.

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  2. The irony of the situation always rises when you see who gets to vote on these laws … Vice had an article that suggested that women use their periods to get out of things and Menstrual Leave should not be a real thing – when I’m on my period I’m a bitch. People suggest that I stay home lol

    It’s not fair to tax feminine hygiene products.

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    1. I remember doing a high school paper on the “glass ceiling” in Japan & how women there (as of the 1980s) were given “menstrual leave” from work, but many used that week to go skiing. Teenage me loved that, in a “Damn the man and rave on” kinda way.


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