Just hear me out, it’s crazy…

…but it might work.

   Christian “Flake” Lorenz (also known as Doktor Lorenz), composes music for and plays keyboards in Rammstein.  He has long, strong fingers, which he puts to good use, and he’s a master of stage presence.  
Kesha has recently asked Sony to let her out of her recording contract because she doesn’t want to work with Dr Luke (whom she accuses of having raped her).  Sony will let her work with “another producer”, but they say she must fulfill her contractual obligation.  A judge sided with Sony (and while I don’t agree with that judge, I also see that every day Kesha spends entangled in litigation and not making music is a day she’s losing money, is a day that shitbag Dr Luke wins).

So, I say she should lobby Sony to get her Doktor Lorenz.  They SAID she could work with another producer.  They want her to make good on her contract.  She’s not getting any revenge on Dr Luke by not making music, but if she makes the record that redefines her career with another producer, BEST REVENGE EVER.  Doktor Lorenz is a composer and a musician in his own right.  He can do anything and bring out the artistry in it.  He has a great career with Rammstein, and people respect his work.  Maybe he’s not so egotistical he needs to see that producer credit next to his name, his fans know he deserves it.

I know, Kesha and Doktor Lorenz together is a crazy collaboration.  A radically different direction for both of their careers.  But these crazy collaborations work.  They’re exciting.  

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