And today’s project 


Hair…shorten and soften.  Thank you to Samantha of Foilz hair salon for cutting and shaping my hair.  I’m working on softening my whole look, although don’t ask me what other changes I’ll make or in which order.  There may or may not be a method to the madness.

3 thoughts on “And today’s project 

  1. I’m at a point where I am comfortable with how I look, physically I want to reduce some bodyfat but mostly I like how I look. Good on you, change is the only constant and if you’re happier in yourself go for it.

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    1. Well I realize I can’t keep my hair and makeup the same, at 38, as I did when I was 14…my skin is different, my life is different. I have to accept the fact that while I may be 15 inside my mind, other people looking at me see a woman in her late thirties.

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      1. I turn 40 this year and I am comfortable with my purpose and my masculine identity, my writing and my goals going forward. We can still nurture that inner child, big or little as they may be, but we can also still participate in the world as forces and players rather than pawns.

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