When did this start happening?

I was confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church (in 1989, when I was twelve years old).  As far as I can remember, confirmation was about wearing a white dress (the boys wore suits) and flowers on my head, the obligatory church ceremony, and my parents taking my picture.  I vaguely recall the Monsignore coming to our class once a week for awhile before the actual ceremony and reading the Bible with us, but that’s about it.  

There was no talk about the girls enticing the boys and whether that was good or bad.  There was no three days spent in the woods (we were from Brooklyn, NY, we didn’t know from the woods), there was no fireside chat about temperance, whatever the hell that is.  

But now little girls are being told it’s their fault because of what they’re wearing if something happens to them, and this is somehow part of a religious education.  And boys are not being told that they have to exercise self-control.  Do you know what happens when you tell a boy he doesn’t have to control himself, that he can do whatever he wants and it will never be his own fault.  He becomes the next Udday Hussein, that’s what.

So think about that.

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