Well it looks like the jackass convention is coming to town 

http://archive.is/lhMKP and quite frankly, I’d prefer the circus.  At least Wringling Brothers puts on a good show.

Something called Return of the Kings is organizing.  From what I can tell, Return of the Kings is a bunch of knuckle-dragging men who hate women (Hillary Clinton, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, & model Tess Holliday are on their official enemies list, among others).  They think rape (non-consensual sex) should be legal, they use “tranny” as an insult, and they’re coming.  They’ve officially cancelled their public meetups, but are trying to salvage as many private meetups as possible.  The public meetups have been cancelled “to ensure the safety of any men planning to attend”. 

Who will work to ensure that the rest of us are safe from the kind of men who would attend such a thing, that’s what I want to know.

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