Craft beer, hotdogs, trivia, and the folly of youth 

So I met my sister at our neighborhood’s The Lock Yard,      for “Craft beer, hotdogs, and trivia”. She (my sister) likes craft beer & we both like trivia.  Our team consisted of people who live in the neighborhood and who are in their 20s & 30s.  Most of them were in their 20s, so my sister and I, being in our 30s, don’t know most of them.  

When we got there and found our table, introductions were made.  One guy introduced himself to me as Andrew & immediately after, the woman seated next to me announced, “That’s my boyfriend, we live together”. The little voice in my head said, Oh calm down bitch, I don’t want your man.

But she repeated her announcement that Andrew was her boyfriend and they live together about a dozen times throughout the evening.  The waiter who served her beer didn’t seem to care; neither did I.  

At the end of the night, my sister, who was sitting next to Andrew, said that at one point he said to her, under his breath, about his girlfriend, “Is she still talking?!”

We shared a laugh about that, mused that those two probably won’t be together for all eternity, and wondered if we were ever that stupid and vapid when we were younger.

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