Plus size, I don’t have a problem with 

Size 22 model Tess Holliday slams the ‘silly’ full-figured fashion stars who want to ba… – Daily Mail
You can say I’m plus size.  You could even open a place called 

THE FAT LADY THRIFT STORE, and sell discounted designer clothing for the full-figured woman, and I’d show up there to shop.  I wouldn’t be offended or anything.

I don’t mind being called curvy either, or voluptuous, or zaftig.  

  • What I don’t like is when I go to Macys & the size 20 jeans that fit me are in someplace called the Womens department, while the size 6 jeans my sister wears are in what’s called the Missy Department.  Is my sister not a woman (she’s given birth to two children, I assure you all she’s not a man or a child).  Also, the Womens Department is always in some far-flung corner of the store…does Macys want me to be ashamed of the fact that I am the size of a woman?  Maybe they do, because when I look at the plus size clothes in their catalog, it’s always a woman my size 6 sister’s build modelling the clothes that are supposed to be cut to fit my body.  I think maybe macys would rather I didn’t exist, or rather they like my money but they don’t actually want to SEE my fat ass in their store.  

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