Love yourself challenge 

Day 25–Tape/glue a picture of something or someone that makes you feel good.

That’s my niece and nephew, dressed up for “picture day” at school (school being the daycare they spend the days at while my sister is at work).  In case you can’t tell, my niece is the boss/ringleader of everything and everyone that comes in front of her (my sister once said she asked my niece “are you going to do what I said or do you want a time out?” And my niece (who was 3 at the time) said “When you’re nice!”. My nephew, at nearly two years old, is just now putting words together.  

Anyway these two munchkins make me happy just because they’re always happy to see me.  They always wanna play, they think of me as a big kid rather than an adult, and they’re two completely different personalities already, which is great.  

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