Last night my sister and I went to The Living Room Show at The Postmark Cafe in Park Slope.  It’s a free show…we go a lot, because where else are we going to get free live entertainment (entertainment that lets us talk back to them) and cheap refreshments?  We usually arrive at the last minute and leave immediately after the show but last night we ended up staying forty-five minutes after because I struck up a conversation with Eugene.

Eugene is originally from Ukraine, a software developer.  We were talking about gun rights and restrictions of all things.  He (having served in his home country’s army) told us that we’ve never lived in “a lawless place”.  He’s been here (here in Brooklyn, NY) since ’94, and he had a point.  Ukraine after the fall of communism, has become a lawless place.  It makes Crown Heights look like nothing.  

Anyway, I thought he was intelligent, interesting, well-spoken, all qualities I look for in a man.  I asked him for his number & when I got home I texted him.  About an hour ago he texted me back and said that the show itself was “meh”, but meeting me was great.  

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