The incomparable David Bowie 

Twenty-five albums he recorded, and I want to know how he managed to sound so fresh and original on each track off every album.  I mean, there’s a new crop of “IT” guys and gals who come on the music scene every year (Justin Bieber, anyone?) and they get a dream team to write them a catchy tune.  But if those kids put out 2 CDs before they either slink into obscurity or become a laughingstock, it’s shocking.

And then there’s Bowie.  25 albums…I can’t keep track of how many hair, makeup, and wardrobe updates, but goddamn it the man always looked good.  The Thin White Duke, the man who married Iman.   He appeared in movies, he was (in recent years) a fixture in NYC.  His last album came out Friday and he passed yesterday…he literally made music right until he passed away.  In true rock star fashion, he passed away during the Golden Globes so that his death had to be announced during the after parties, pulling focus from who won what.

Follow that, Justin Bieber and Arianna Grande 

I fucking dare you.

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