So that happened 

Yesterday morning at 6:25 am, a young woman was on her way to her job at a store in Manhattan Chelsea neighborhood.  Chelsea, for those of you who don’t know, is a trendy, upscale part of town.  The young woman was a block from her job when a man she’d never seen before 

slashed her in the left side of the face.  

She told The New York Daily News she believes her attacker slashed her with what may have been a box cutter.  Her attacker is still at large…because you can slash someone in the face on a public street and stroll away like nothing happened, that’s the NYC we live in.  

Meanwhile, president Obama is blathering on about gun control.  He cites the mass shootings in Sandy Hook, Aurora, the gun violence of Chicago as reasons for stricter and stricter gun control.  If nobody has a gun, according to the president, there won’t be any violent crime.

But the Chelsea slasher (that’s what the paper is calling the man who slashed the woman yesterday morning) didn’t use a gun.  He didn’t fire a shot.  He managed to commit a violent crime with a boxcutter.  

And no one stopped him.  I’m not suggesting that, had his victim been armed herself, she wouldn’t have been a victim.  I’m saying where were the cops?  

Sure, 6:25 am isn’t peak rush hour, but apparently it’s a time when people are out and about in this city that never sleeps.  And if the people of the city are out, then the cops (whose salaries we pay with our tax dollars) should be out as well, they should be out standing on every street, ready to protect and serve.  They should be making it impossible for the Chelsea slasher to cut up a woman’s face and then vanish into thin air.  And if they can’t or won’t do that then they should admit it and let the people do it for ourselves.  

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