Love yourself challenge 

Day 6–Write about one thing you feel you are really good at and why.

I remember when I was 19 and in Florence, Italy.  Taking pictures of one of Florence’s historic buildings.  It was ’97 and I had the kind of camera that took actual film.  A man not much older than me approached and asked in Italian if I would like him to take a picture of me standing in front of the building.  He was grinning from ear to ear, & he had a shifty look in his eyes, and having grown up in Brooklyn, I had visions of this man making off with my camera while I posed in front of the building like a jackass.  I politely declined his offer, and he left me alone.

Another time I was working for a personal injury lawyer.  Russian guy came into the office and said he fell in his local waldbaums.  Boss tells me to get the guy’s information so we can start to work up the case.  I take the guy in the conference room & I get his pedigree info, the date and time of his accident.  I ask him “are there any witnesses to your accident?” and he says “Do you want there to be?” I explain it doesn’t work like that.  Either someone saw him fall at the waldbaums or nobody saw, what I ‘want’ is of no matter.  And he says “i can get witnesses if I have to”. I get the idea that maybe this guy didn’t fall at any waldbaums.  I tell this to my boss (who promptly calls me an idiot), and he (my boss) signs the Russian guy up as a client & begins to work on and pump money into the guy’s case against the waldbaums.  During the discovery phase of the case, it comes out that the Russian guy didn’t so much “fall” at the waldbaums as he fell down some stairs inside his house while intoxicated, and two days later, he was at waldbaums and still in pain, and that’s when he sought medical treatment (and told hospital staff he fell at waldbaums).  Now because he didn’t fall in waldbaums, his case against them went kaput.  

So I guess I’m good at being able to see a person’s true motives.  Maybe this comes from having grown up in Brooklyn, maybe it’s just something some of us have and some don’t.  

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