Love yourself challenge 

Day 5–Write three positive words you feel your closest friends would use to describe you.


Those who know me best have seen me grow from an angry, resentful, self-loathing woman into a less angry (because I learned to let go of the anger), less resentful (because I learned resentment is a luxury I can’t afford), self-accepting, generally more positive person.  


My real friends know I’m open to new things, whether it’s a Buddhist sitting I skeptically went to once that somehow became a monthly must on my to-do list, taking in an opera, getting up to sing at karaoke, or board game night at a dive bar.


They may be dazzled and amazed by it, they may secretly say “Really, who does she think she is,” but everyone who knows me knows I don’t leave the house in sweatpants and sneakers.  I may live in my jeans 90% of the time, but there will be designer tops, heels, a fabulous bag.  Is it vanity on my part…oh hell yeah, I don’t deny that.  

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