Love yourself challenge 

Day two–Write about one physical feature you love and why.

I love my breasts.  44D, they flop and sag when the bra comes off.   There are stretch marks on the side of them.  “Natural hangers,” a German man once said, referring to them, as well as, “kegs”.  My youngest sister HATES when I wear a cleavage-baring top (according to her, I’m too old to do so) and has accused me of using my cleavage to distract from my stomach (I call it “accentuating the positive”) .  My own mother says I should be ashamed of how saggy my breasts are (but when I was ten and needed a bra, she said I needed to be ashamed of THAT too, of developing before the other girls). I guess the point I’m making is that I refuse to be ashamed of my not-perfect breasts.  They go with the rest of my not-perfect self.  

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