Love yourself challenge 

Day one–Write about yourself.  Include physical characteristics.

I stand 5″1 in my bare feet.  I weigh…254 lbs and I’m not happy about that because a year and a half ago I weighed 217 lbs (having slimmed down from 325 lbs) and the fact that I’ve gained some of the weight back makes me angry with myself.   I promise myself to get back to 217 lbs.

I have my mother’s brown eyes, but other than that I look like the women in my father’s side of the family…bottom-heavy, with Mediterranean features.  

Without makeup I have some pitted scars from cystic acne.  I’ve had facials and years of microdermabrasion to lessen them, and I very carefully cover them with makeup when leaving the house.  My hair is very dark brown, presently shoulder length.  

I pretty much live in my jeans, with an assortment of tops and sweaters…outside of work, that’s what we wear here in Brooklyn.  I usually wear heels (or sandals), but never wear sneakers except for a workout.  I feel naked without jewelry and have an extensive handbag collection.  

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