And so happy new year 

I left the house at 3 in the afternoon with my parents.  We drove to Forest Hills, Queens and met their friends Mr. & Mrs. Len Glaser (of Forest Hills & East Hampton) for dinner at La Vigna, a tiny Italian place.  We had a 4:00 dinner reservation.  There was a time when dinner at 4 in the afternoon, with my parents and another couple their age, well it would have been the last thing I thought of as a possible new years eve entertainment.  But I…grew up…got sober…I’m flat broke & the only way I’m having a nice dinner (nice as in ridiculously expensive) is if my parents pay.  So I ate well.

After dinner we all went to the Aqueduct Racino (it’s the race track but they put in slot machines), nor as high fallutin as dinner, but great fun.  The Glazers staked me (I didn’t ask them for a penny), and at the end of the night, after I gave them their investment back, I have a tidy profit.  

All without breaking my sobriety, without hanging out in a bar on the drunkest night of the year, without getting in any trouble.  So happy new year to one and all.  

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