TMI Tuesday: Snooping

If I were to come to your home…

  1. And look in the refridgerator, what would I see?  Milk, eggs, a tray of leftover lasagna…a carton of cigarettes I’m keeping fresh, a pitcher of filtered water.
  2. And open your front room closet or hall closet, what would I see?  A goddamn mess, that’s what.  The closet in the foyer is a dumping ground for umbrellas, extension cords, vacuum cleaner attachments, a rattan cane that once belonged to my late grandfather, and various other junk we like to keep hidden out of sight.
  3. And open the top left drawer of your dresser, what would I see?  Top left dresser drawer is my everyday watch, some necklaces, bracelets, earrings.
  4. And go to your bedroom and look under the bed, what would I see?  Very little dust, I hope, seeing as how I run the vacuum three times a week.
  5. And look under your basement stairs, what would I find?  Canned goods, I shit you not, in t he event the apocalypse comes, I have enough canned goods to last me awhile.

Bonus: When visiting other people’s homes and using the bathroom-friends, relatives, parties-do you look in their medicine chest?  Of course I do.  It’s a breech of the “host-guest bond”, it’s a violation of their trust, but I have zero scruples, so yeah, I do it.

2 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: Snooping

    1. I should clean out that closet. My grandfather is dead 15 years, he doesn’t need the rattan cane any more. Most of the umbrellas in there should have gone to umbrella heaven (if there’s a heaven for broken umbrellas) long ago.

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