He said, she, she, and she said…and kink.com did the right thing

By now we’ve all heard that Stoya, Tori Lux, and Ashley Fires have all come forward and accused James Deen of having sexually assaulted them (according to Stoya, he forced himself on her while they were dating, ignoring her safe word), and kink.com, a BDSM-themed porn site for which Deen works as an actor/producer, has terminated its contract with him, has severred all ties with him.  He’s not been convicted of anything, and he is, of course, denying any and all allegations against him.  Some people think we shouldn’t jump to conclusions, that we shouldn’t rush to make James Deen the next Bill Cosby, that we should remember innocent until proven guilty.  And yeah, innocent until proven  guilty is still a real thing.

But kink.com is a real business.  It’s a porn business, it’s the business of “Yeah, we need to reshoot that last scene, and this time I need you to slap her ass harder and pull her hair more forcefully”, but it’s still a business.  And like any other business, it takes sexual harassment in the workplace seriously.  These women who have accused James Deen of having raped  them, they have to work with him…now, I want all the women to think about that, no matter what your job is, I want you to answer whether or not you could go to work every day with your rapist and look at him day in and day out, knowing he could do it again?  Kink.com says they’re about providing performers a safe work enviornment, and “safe work enviornment” means safe from sexual harassment, safe from sexual assault.  You hear people talk about “sleazy” pornographers who “exploit” women, but kink.com isn’t that, it’s something better, it’s a porn site run by people who realize that sex, BDSM or Vanilla, is about trust and respect, and anything else is wrong, and will not be toleratetd.

2 thoughts on “He said, she, she, and she said…and kink.com did the right thing

  1. As devil’s advocate… I’ve done porn- and from a purely technical perspective I find it odd a male porn actor would have sex before or after a scene. We’re talking hours under hot lights with people screaming instructions from all sides. Do this, say that, shift your hips so we can film under there.
    I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s odd.


    1. I hear you, and you make a valid point. But we don’t know that any of the alleged attacks took place right before or right after one of his scenes. They could have all happened right after scenes where he, as a producer, was on the other side of the camera, watching each of them perform with someone else, and when the camera stopped rolling, he was all worked up and lacking in self control.

      Or maybe none of the rapes happened on-set. Stoya was his girlfriend at the time she alleges he raped her, ignoring her safe word…maybe they were at home when it happened. Maybe the incidents with Tori Lux and Ashley Fires took place at cast parties, or press junkets.

      I see your point about how the last thing someone would want to do after having sex all day, with a film crew (complete with boom mike hanging over your head, hot lights, camera man trying to film your genitals from the most flattering angle, director screaming, & makeup person powdering your ass cheeks) is have more sex. And I will admit that one doesn’t expect a good-looking young man, an actor, to be so hard up for female company that he’d be compelled to rape, no, one would expect that women would line up to be with such a man.

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