Some things I’m thankful for

It’s that time of year when we go around the table and say what we’re thankful for.

I’m thankful for…

My health, because I’m actually walking upright and wearing my own internal organs, and some people who knew me in the bad ol’ days (when I drank like a fish) would be surprised about that…well, they’d be surprised to know I still have my original liver (I only have it because I got sober 3 years ago, and while I didn’t quit smoking, I’m not oblivious, so I notice what’s going on with my body, which is why I’m not as falling apart as some people would think/expect me to be.  I’m thankful to have the health I took for granted all those years.

My social life, which is a relatively new thing.  For years, the man who delivered my bottles of scotch was the only person I saw face to face (outside of work), but now I find myself wanting to go to board/game night, or trivia night; I’ve become a regular at a comedy show that features a rotating lineup of up and coming entertainers (the show’s producer calls me and my sister Stadler and Waldorf).  It’s good to get out of the house and out of my own head.

My niece and nephew.  I was not sober when my niece was born, so I wasn’t allowed anywhere near her, but she doesn’t remember that, or at least I don’t think she does.  All she knows is that, like everybody else, I’m her minion.  My nephew (he’s not two yet) thinks I exist to open the cabinet that contains the treats.  Seriously, that’s all he knows me for.

The fact that I get to live in NYC, a place where everything is just a subway ride away…a ballgame, the theater, the opera, the best shopping ever, five star restaurants, nightlife, if you can dream it, you can find it here.

My meditation practice, because it keeps me sane.

So what are you all thankful for this year?

8 thoughts on “Some things I’m thankful for

      1. That doesn’t work 🙂 In my case I know what a day is like without alcohol vs. with, and I prefer it with. For me the key is if something does or doesn’t interfere with one’s functioning (work/relationships etc.)- if there’s no negative impact, then it’s okay. Even if it means I’ll reduce my lifespan by a decade (or two if you count the smoking) I’m fine with that 😀

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      2. Oh, I still smoke cigarettes. I was dragged into a 12 step program because other people were done scraping my fat ass off the floor. Turns out therapy is a better treatment for depression than blackout drinking, who knew.

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