Veterans’ Day

Happy Veterans’ Day to my father, my uncles Gene and Ronnie, and everybody else who served and/or is currently serving.

I don’t drink anymore, but on this day I pour one out for THE LOST.  And by lost I mean

anyone who died in combat

anyone who left his/her limbs on some farflung battleground (yeah, Richie came home, but he left his right arm in ‘Nam)

anyone who came home with all his/her limbs but has an irrevocably broken mind because of things they saw/did in combat (it was a war, not a goddamn picnic, why do you THINK your father never talks about what went on in Korea?)

Today’s the day…we throw them a parade and we say we’ll always remember, but they don’t want any tickertape parade for having been to hell and back.  They fought, bled, died, all for our freedom, so I say we use every inch of that freedom, even as our own government restricts and narrows it.  And if you know a veteran, thank them for their service…if you’re out and about and you see someone in uniform, ANY DAY OF THE YEAR, thank them for their service.

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