OK I’ll admit it


I’ve been into The Counting Crows since the mid-ninties.  Yeah, I listen to Rammstein and Apocalyptica and The Rasmus and Bush (because you know I love Gavin Rossdale) and I love Garbage, early-90s No Doubt, Dave Matthews Band, and for some reason I know ALL THE WORDS to Kanye West’s song “Golddigger” (even though I hate his music), Adam Duritz & Co have had a special place in my…..well, in this thing that is the soundtrack of my life.  Yes, The Counting Crows are an American band, I don’t love much about American music.

What I love is that they can do the same song a million times live, and no two live versions will be the same.  They’ll differ wildly, according to venue, Adam Duritz’ (the lead singer) mood.  and so while it sounds (to those of you who aren’t paying attention) like a bunch of increasingly random lyrics strung together…it makes PERFECT SENSE.   Or at least it always did when I was drunk and/or depressed.  That’s when (for me, anyway) lyrics like “I wanna sink slowly without getting wet” were so goddamn deep and profound.  I d on’t drink anymore, and I’m not as depressed as I used to be, so I don’t listen to this music so often, but the man is a genius to be able to change it up every time he does it live.

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