So last night 

Last night was “game” night (as in card & board games) at the local sports bar.  I got it together and went over there to meet up with about 60 singles, a mixed group in terms of gender, race/ethnicity, age, & probably orientation (I can kinda guess who might have been homosexual, but I don’t know for sure).  Pretty average group for Brooklyn.  

I played what turned out to be the world’s longest and most complicated game of Trivia Pursuit, during which I met some interesting people & had a few laughs.  Was relaxed, easygoing, all in all a good way to get to know people.  For example, I found out that Mike, my Trivia Pursuit teammate, majored in English in college the same as I did, and he remembers Shakespeare better (after two whiskey nears) than I do, which is impressive.  Or that Ricardo, who I could’ve sworn was a lawyer, works in communications.  Great group of people & I look forward to seeing them again soon.

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