Stop the Violence

Yeah I hit you two times, you hit me three times, but who’s counting.  you  refused counseling because this house is “too big”, saying you’d rather burn it all down to the ground with me in it, you romantic, you.  That night the cops came, I lied and said I walked into a doorknob, and we both know they didn’t believe it, but they didn’t wanna spend the time and put in the effort to change my mind, so they went back to the Dunkin Donuts.  A week after that, you walked, forearm first, right into my knife while I was chopping vegetables…was it an accident or was it revenge?  Either way, you knew after that that I could get to you the same as you could get to me.

You slapped the shit out of me in a fight over the TV remote control…I packed a bag and said, “That’s it, I’m leaving you”, you dived for me as I walked for the door and grabbed me around the legs, begging me to stay…you said you loved me.  Maybe you really are a romantic.  You said you couldn’t live without me.  Kneeling before me, your head pressed into my stomach, you begged me to stay and give you another chance.  We made love on the kitchen floor.  The next morning…the morning IMMEDIATELY FUCKING AFTER I agreed to give you another chance, I woke up to find you on your phone, texting with I don’t know who.  You scurried like a rat into the other room when I asked you if you wanted eggs or pancakes for breakfast.  I wasn’t even looking at your phone and you scurried away like you were guilty of some goddamn thing.  So when you went to shower, I DID look at your phone, and I found the naughty pictures that some anonymous bitch sent you.

“Who’s this bitch,” I said, waving the phone at you the minute you came out the bathroom, “and why she sending you pictures of her titties?”  I threw the phone at you.

“Mind your business,” you barked, grabbing for my face, “if you’d only mind your fucking business I wouldn’t have to hurt you, you know this!”

“You’re right,” I said, “I’m sorry I threw the phone at you, I’m sorry I accused you.  It’s just that I love you so much and I don’t want you to leave me, and I get jealous easily.”

“Oh you’re sorry,” you said, leaning in close, grabbing me right under the chin, “not yet but you will be.”  The next thing I felt was your big right hand around my neck as you choked me.  Everything went black, just faded out.

When I woke up, or came to, or whatever it is that happens to a person after being choked out, I was tied to our bed.  My clothes were gone, I was just in my bra and panties.  “I fucking told you,” you said, “said I’d rather burn the place to the ground than go to counseling.  Did you think I was kidding?”  I didn’t answer..I knew you’d finally lost your fucking mind.  I mean, I’d always known that someday you would lose it, that it was only a matter of WHEN (not if) and that when was right fucking NOW.

Loud banging on the back door.  A booming voice bellowing, “Nicky!  Are you home, Nicky, lemme in, I’m freezing my nuts off out here.”  I cried tears of joy…I’d never been so happy, never in all my life, to hear your asshole brother at the door.

“Don’t go nowhere,” you seethed,” stomping out of the bedroom to let him in.

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